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After-sales service

Kaiao After-sales Service Center is responsible for the organization and control of after-sales service. It has formulated <<>, provides relevant services to users in strict accordance with contract requirements or product technical specifications, implements the principle of on-site service, and handles problems in a timely manner. At the same time, it actively responds to suggestions that are helpful to users. Handle user letters and calls in a timely manner, and assume product quality obligations in accordance with the law; do a good job in feedback of user quality information, implement a quality feedback form, and a quality tracking card system to meet user needs to the greatest extent. Parts warehouse can serve customers Provide spare parts with high spot rate.

The after-sales service center has experienced engineers and professional and technical personnel, and takes the value-added service as the criterion to provide users with complete diesel and gasoline series products at any time. At the same time, it provides users with various consultations and suggestions, plus equipment performance, selection methods and installation; generator specifications and their matching with engines; special design of supporting equipment; and reasonable investment analysis of power generation equipment.

Service Content

What we provide to users is a comprehensive overall solution:

– Assist users in designing the configuration and installation scheme of standby generator sets;

– Provide turnkey engineering services;

– Warranty service, lifetime maintenance;

– Fully responsible maintenance service;

8 hours to the scene for emergency rescue; 24 hours KTSC technical support;

Service mode

Comprehensive support

Kaio's comprehensive maintenance support includes comprehensive support for generator set capacity design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Including all the materials, spare parts, labor and travel expenses needed to design and put the system into operation and ensure that the system is in optimal working condition.

Telephone support (7*24 hours)

When users use the products provided by Kaio, if they encounter software or hardware problems, they can get telephone support and help from Kaio. The user can appoint one primary contact and two alternate contacts to contact Kaio Customer Service Center. Once the user's request is received, the experts of Kaio Customer Service Center will solve or answer the questions raised by the user by phone within the specified time.

On-site support (7*24-hour response)

For problems that cannot be solved by phone, the partner will send a system engineer to the site to solve the problem for the user.

Response time

User-defined priority Telephone response On-site response

Urgent (system paralysis) Answer immediately within 4 hours (local)

Severe (severe system failure) Reply within 2 hours Within one working day

Normal (General system failure) Reply within 4 hours Respond as soon as possible

Remote Dial-in Analysis

If necessary, users can use KIA's remote analysis service. Through the remote port, experts from the customer support department of Kaio Company remotely diagnose the user's system to speed up the resolution of the problem.

Replace hardware parts

Kai Ao has built spare parts warehouses in Wuxi, Beijing, Hefei, Hunan, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Guangdong, Gansu, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Urumqi, and can quickly and easily replace parts for users. Kaio provides local users with on-site replacement parts within one day. The replacement time for out-of-town users depends on traffic conditions, generally one to two days.

Dedicated customer support

In response to the needs of users, the customer service center of Kaiao Company set up a project team to be responsible for the after-sales support of the project. The project team will consist of on-site engineers, relevant experts in the customer service center and a project manager.

Customer documentation

According to the contract, provide the system installation manual, drawings, equipment maintenance manual and user manual to the customer. All the customer's requirements will be documented and registered in the form of user problem records, user problem tracking, and user problem resolution to ensure service quality.

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